ACROLOC is a product and design of Jack Bayer formerly of Bayer Industries, Phoenix, Arizona. 


The ACROLOC evolution pre-dates Numerical Control (NC) and was first introduced in the 1960's as a "pegboard" programmed machine.  With technology improvements it came to be a CNC Vertical Machining Center in the late 1970's.  Thousands were manufactured and sold as it took the market as an affordable VMC. 


ACROLOC construction followed industry standards with the exception of its tool change design.  Simple and ingenious, its tool holder and tool changer are truly a break from the traditional.  Each tool holder represents a compact tool change device.   The "chip to chip" tool time is less than two seconds during a tool change cycle.  Keeping that time to a minimum is what keeps part cycle times short.  "Time is money" and money can be made with each tool change.  ACROLOC continues to survive and thrive because it brings profits to its owners. 


The ACROLOC VMC was one of the few remaining "U.S. built" machine tools.  Most MTB's have  closed driven from business by domestic over-regulation, predatory business practices by foreign countries, imbalanced trade policies, and ignorance in government. 


The United States changed its trade policies which pitted U.S. workers against third world slave wage countries.  The machine building industry is dominated by foreign companies who have since replaced all but a couple of U.S. owned companies.  The National Machine Tool Builders Association, named for U.S. machinery builders, was replaced by the "Association for Manufacturing Technology".  The United States government no longer sees the need for U.S. companies to be innovators.   As with all the other industries, products, and jobs the U.S. government governed away it's might, wealth, and technology.  Bureaucratic stupidity continues to deplete the U.S. of its jobs and national wealth.  Data supports these statements and the proof is shown in the longest and deepest recession / depression in U.S. history.  The "INDUSTRY LINKS" on this website provides details and facts to substantiate this situation..


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